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Thread: Official OpenSat announcement regarding Dual Tuners

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    Official OpenSat announcement regarding Dual Tuners

    Official OpenSat announcement regarding Dual Tuners

    Dear valuable AZBox users,

    Opensat wants to clarify its position regarding the TWIN COMBO and Models:

    1) At our STB's say's ONLY COMBO OPENSAT only sell combo versions until now.

    2) Opensat try to make all efforts during several months to add TWIN TUNER function, and was not possible, because of various reasons.

    3) However like users ask, we promise a way to find support at our TWIN Chipset, and we make a new model to fit their needs, "PREMIUM +", this model is not complementary replacement of "PREMIUM", both models will keep in sales normally.

    4) This HW is totally different from premium because need to be done a lot of changes, and board is bigger than a normal TWIN.

    5) About IMPEX-SAT (OPENSAT.DE) replacement opportunity, this is a matter of internal IMPEX-Sat, we do not review on it for the basic reason that we sell Elite and Premium and new model is just complimentary. However we admire the efforts done by they and it's a very courageous.

    6) I hope with this post clarifies that situation, and this is the official position from OPENSAT.

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    Re: Official OpenSat announcement regarding Dual Tuners

    In other words Azbox elite and Azbox Premuim being just rip-off....
    About 1.5 years of waiting and .... here we have " no twin DVB-S tuner support for Elite and Premium models".
    Luckily sold my Azbox 100 quid cheaper then original price and still find myself a Lucky guy

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