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Thread: how to get dvb-s2 channels

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    how to get dvb-s2 channels

    hi friends im from iran how can i get hotbird 13E dvb-s2 channel?
    so thanks

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    Re: how to get dvb-s2 channels


    You need a dvbS2 receiver as dreambox 800 / 8000 or azbox HD or any HD receiver/PC-sat card


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    Re: how to get dvb-s2 channels

    Quote Originally Posted by dadasalam View Post
    hi friends im from iran how can i get hotbird 13E dvb-s2 channel?
    so thanks
    You will need to upgrade your PCI Card(s) for one or more of the following:

    TechnoTrend S2-1600 (FTA Card i.e. no CI connection about half the price of the S2-3200)
    ~The rest of these Cards have CI~
    TechnoTrend S2-3200
    Technisat HD (Same as the S2-3200)
    Azurewave/Twinhan AD-SP400 1041
    Technisat HD2 (Supersedes the HD same as the AD-SP400)
    Terratec Cinergy S2 HD (Same as the AD-SP400)
    Media-Pointer MP-S2 Low Profile (PCIe x1 2x DVB-S2 (Twin Tuner) Low Profile)
    (Not so sure if this Card has CI or not)

    You might also have to either update or install a new Software / Hardware Decoder to handle the newer MPEG-4/h.264 stuff that HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH DVB-S2!!

    Software as in the case of Windows (Prog DVB or DVB Viewer), or Hardware as in the case of Linux, such as MythTV or VDR. In this case either via a VDPAU enabled nVidia Card (i.e. GF8400 or better), or with a Reel Multimedia Extension HD Card. Which oddly enough would be more then enough for you to watch say the BBC-HD, ITV-HD or LUXE-HD Channels over Astra 2 / Eurobird 1 on 28.2e/28.5e with any old DVB-S Card you might have lying around.

    Not that you would have much chance of viewing those Channels from Iran though.

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