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Thread: @@@ HD eceiver+ Y4 Dongle Help me @@@

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    @@@ HD eceiver+ Y4 Dongle Help me @@@

    Hi There,, I am new member here,,,

    I bought a new Receiver + Y4 Dongle

    The Receiver Brand is HIMODE and the dongle has no brand at all.

    the receiver can open all Channels

    The Question is What the hell is HIMONDE ????

    No any company in the world named HIMONDE.
    Also what is the brand of the dongle and how i can Extract the data to share it with u or to upgrade it.

    this pictures can help u to find out what i am asking for.

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    Re: @@@ HD eceiver+ Y4 Dongle Help me @@@


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    Re: @@@ HD eceiver+ Y4 Dongle Help me @@@

    what packages and channels did it open? and on which satelites?
    kindly list them out.

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