BBC HD to air short film series

Friday, November 20 2009, 13:58 GMT

By Andrew Laughlin,

The BBC HD channel will broadcast a series of short films tomorrow as part of efforts to support new British filmmaking.

Airing back-to-back on the channel from 11.35pm, the eight shorts have all been produced in native high definition. Some also feature well-known actors, such as Maxine Peake, Jason Isaacs and Paul McGann.

Four of the films came from the BBC's Film Network submission process, with the remainder resulting from existing partnerships with BBC departments.

"I'm delighted to have found this opportunity to showcase work from new directors from the UK," said BBC HD boss Danielle Nagler. "Their creative engagement in using HD shows us the huge potential HD can have for directors and viewers."

The full list of short films runs as follows:

Would Like To Meet: A single-mother looking for love is helped by her 8-year-old son, who stages a series of domestic accidents in the hope of luring some prospective suitors.

Pop Art: Following his mother's death, young boy Toby discovers that art can help him get a new outlook on life.

Round: Produced entirely using hand-shadow performance, the film deals with human beings' standing as just a footnote in the long history of the Earth. Music provided by the XX Teens.

The Rain Horse: An adaptation of Ted Hughes's short story of the same name, the film depicts a father taking his children on holiday only to be attacked by a wild horse.

Missed: Will is shocked when he hears that colleague Emma has died while on holiday, but is even more surprised after seeing her walking down the street later on.

Fables Of Forgotten Things: A curious drifter and his young friend have to save an old woman from a memory-eating ghost.

I Stood Up: Giving up a seat on a daily commute to someone less able becomes a matter of life and death for one individual.

This Way Up: (already shown on BBC One and BBC Three) Oscar-nominated UK animation about two funeral directors who endure a hellish experience trying to bury a woman's coffin.