Channel 4 details changes to public remit

Friday, November 20 2009, 14:12 GMT

By Andrew Laughlin,

Channel 4 has outlined the forthcoming changes to its public service remit, including a greater commitment to online and film production.

Speaking at the Media Festival in Manchester, Channel 4 director of content and television Kevin Lygo discussed the remit changes, which will be detailed today as part of the government's digital economy bill.

According to The Guardian, Lygo said that the broadcaster has always been fully committed to its web and movie operations, even though they were not previously part of its public service obligation.

Alongside a greater commitment to film production, he said that the new remit will also cover three main areas - online enhancements to Channel 4 TV shows, online-specific content and overall distribution of content.

Under the new arrangement, Lygo said that Channel 4 would also consider charging for online access to programmes or content.

"We need to look at charging," he said. "If you have a successful show like Skins or Peep Show, why shouldn't we put the first episode out and then, through iPhones or whatever, say if you want to see the next episodes you can pay?"