DDamir Subtitle Player for QboxHD

What is Subtitle player v2.0??
Subtitle player is a plugin for Enigma2 based satellite receivers (Ipbox, Dreambox, Kathrein, Topfield...) featuring: Imdb plugin - you can use plugin to get all kind of information's about the movie, on original language or translated with Google Translate. Also, it translates movie titles from various languages if possible (for example if you search EPG of German, Polish, Dutch provider you will get original movie title and info about the movie on English). Advantage of this plugin comparing to original IMDB plugin is - speed (it's a lot faster because it has direct access to the epg of current channel) - has an option to manually specify search terms - enables translation of results to other languages Subtitle downloader - downloads subtitles from internet and translates movie titles over epg. Subtitles are downloaded from two databases * HERE * PerfectSat DTC database Subtitle player featuring subtitle display in the movies or series without conversion. Something like Drtic but with more options. Movies can be subtitled regardless if you're watching them live or as a recording.