AZBox HD Firmware - rev. 0.9.3877



- Redraw routine for subtitle when the drawing fails.
- Corrected an issue when some movies are restarting play in Movie player.
- Corrected the continues play bug in Music Player.
- Corrected the large artwork bug in Music Player.
- Corrected an audio play bug when using Photo Slide Show
- Corrected the duration time issue in Movie Player.
- Corrected a bug regarding the single EPG.
- Corrected some bugs regarding photo viewer (zoom in/out, rotation, move, etc.)
- Corrected a problem related to the bookmark function and high bitrate movies.
- Corrected a problem with the play time in YouTube.
- Corrected a VFD problem regarding accent characters
- Corrected a problem when some GUI elements were overlapping (TV module).


- Added the ability to delete a group of channels in the channel manager.
- Added some setup functions in the movie player.
- Added language selection in teletext.
- Added the 'all' option in the backup/restore feature
- Added a jump key in File Manager.
- Added a possibility to show the play or remaining time in the VFD.
-Added more GMT offsets
- Added 480i video resolution for component and HDMI video output.


- Increased the channel zapping speed
- Better detection of the duration time of MP3 files (when file includes artwork).
- Increased the video quality by correcting the mosaic problem at movie player.
- Changed the PAT parser on media player to ensure the stability when parsing multiple PIDs.
- Modified the channel manager to close when a channel was selected.
- Insert some additional info at the recording buffer header.
- Modified the TS parser to extract the exact time from PTS (Movie Player).
- Modified the plug-in message queue for better synchronization and speed.

AZBox HD Firmware - rev. 0.9.3877