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    Re: VideoReDo™ Plus - REGISTERED

    Thank u very much

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    Re: VideoReDo™ Plus - REGISTERED

    VideoReDo Plus v2.2.1.445 *update*

    VideoReDo™ the MPEG editor that lets you edit TV Shows, Movies, and Home Videos in minutes... rather than hours with traditional video editing software. If you use a PVR or DVR, no matter what your expertise, beginner or video expert, you can easily create custom videos, TV shows and movies.
    Frame Accurate MPEG Editor
    Auto Repair of Video Sync
    Remove TV Advertising
    Edit DVDs
    Works with TiVo and Windows MCE

    Just cut to the good parts with the MPEG editor that gives you the freedom to edit and view what you want... fast!

    Whether you create digital video by capturing TV programs, convert analog (VHS) tapes, or extract chapters from home recorded DVDs, VideoReDo makes fast work of trimming, cutting, and/or joining your MPEG compressed digital images.

    VideoReDo smart rendering technology supports MPEG1 editing (including VCD), MPEG2 and Windows Media Center (MCE) editing , including DVD & SVCD editing, Set Top Boxes like TiVo (with TiVo To Go) and the Siemens M740V, as well as High Definition editing (HD) program stream and transport stream editing.

    Version 2-2-1-445, Release date: January 3, 2006
    Enhance: Added support for Beyond TV transport streams. Metadata will be copied if both source and output streams are of the same type. I.e. Program Stream source, Program Stream destination, Transport Stream source with Transport Stream destination.
    Enhance: Support for Tivo To Go Files. VideoReDo will now read .tivo files downloaded from your Series 2 Tivo. Requires the Tivo reader and media access key which are part of the free Tivo To Go package. Please see the Tivo site for information and downloads.
    Enhance: Reading and editing of DVR-MS (MCE) files are now fully supported. They can be opened and edited as you would any other MPEG file.
    Enhance: A Plot Mask has been added to the View menu. When enabled a portion of the video picture will be covered so as not to spoil the story line. The size of the plot mask can be adjusted using the Tools>Options Menu.
    Enhance: All source audio formats may be transcoded to either stereo WAV/LPCM or stereo MPEG audio via the Options button on the File Save Dialog. Useful for translating AC3 source material for devices which do not support it (i.e. Hauppauge Media MVP). Also useful for compressing LPCM/WAV audio to the much smaller MPEG audio format.
    Enhance: The previous maximum video length of 13 hours has been removed. Source material up to 26 hours may now be edited.
    Enhance: An option to reduce the CPU priority while saving has been added to the Tools>Options>Plus screen. Enabling this option will lower the CPU priority of VideoReDo Plus while saving your edits or joins.
    Enhance: Auto repeat has been added to the forward and backward navigation buttons. If you press and hold the left mouse button for more than 0.5 seconds on any of these six buttons ,the navigation function will repeat until release the button.
    Enhance: Ability to set the degree of re-synchronization sensitivity on the Tools>Options>Stream Page.
    Enhance: Ability to select multiple files at file open and combine them into one logical file. Useful for editing DVD material or transport files which have been split into separate files by a capture file. A dialog box can be displayed giving you the open of combining the files or joining them. Please see the help file for an explanation on the differences between combining and joining.
    Enhance: More COM functions to support transport output and scene markers.
    Change: The encoder quality will now default to auto. This will create more compliant files for use with DVD authoring or when outputting to transport streams.
    Change: Output option changes (aspect ratio, GOP size, audio transcoding, etc.) can be set when doing a QuickStream Fix.
    Change: Added new registry option: HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareDRD SystemsVideoReDo-PlusPlaybackDeviceOptionsUseVideoMemory. Set to 1 may decrease flashing on some video cards in RGB mode.
    Change: The installation program will check for running copies of VideoReDo Plus and ask you to close them before continuing.
    Change: QuickStream Fix default output file name will be the defaulted to the file type associated with the output stream type. Previous versions tried to default the output extension to the source file type but this no longer makes sense with all the different source and destination file types being supported.
    Change: Remove stuffing bytes from systems headers to make our VOB files more compatible.

    Change: All output streams are now marked as VBR.
    Change: Clicking on "Trim Unselected" will clear the cut list before adding the new entries.
    Change: Warn the user if outputting to a transport stream and the audio is WAV/LPCM. WAV/LPCM output to a transport stream is not supported.
    Change: Transport Output, first frame is marked with the discontinuity bit.
    Change: Transport Output, much improved PTS/DTS timings.
    Change: When automatic corrections are made to the stream when saving edits, both the input and output time codes will be displayed in the log file.
    Fix: When opening a transport stream, DVB subtitle and teletext streams will not accidentally be interpreted as an audio stream. The "Ignore Program Maps" option on the Tools>Options>Stream page must be off for this improvement to be operational.
    Fix: QuickStream Fix from batch not honoring output options (gop, aspect ratio, etc) settings.
    Fix: Added additional registry parameters to increase the max packet search parameters for Transport Streams.
    Fix: If auto cutting is enabled in AdDetective and the first cut starts at 00:00:00.00, an invalid cut time may be added to the cut list.
    Fix: The CRID delete function would not delete the .fmpg if the current directory was different from the location of the CRID folder.
    Fix: Preserve the PTS/DTS relationship when removing video frames due to audio sync purposes.
    Fix: Trim Unselected would show the wrong length in the on-screen byte length fields.
    Fix: Improve internal timings to better handle TS output. All I and P frames now carry a DTS. Also improves sync with DVDs created by Nero Vision Express.
    Fix: Sampling rate changes for MPEG audio streams would not be detected causing valid audio frames to be incorrectly discarded.
    Fix: Batch now as the capability to specify transport stream output.
    Fix: The Time Remaining on the output progress dialog was not working properly in scene mode.
    Fix: Random crashes on some 1080i HD material.
    Fix: Creating a chapter file would crash program if an ".hh" or ";hh" time code format was used in the chapter file output specification.
    Fix: Improved checking of filenames in auto combine. Will no longer auto combine files such as: abc02.ts with ab01.ts.
    Fix: Missing CRID component files will no longer prevent the file from being opened.
    Fix: Much better processing of Transport Stream files where the time stamps (PTS/DTS) rollover back to 0.
    Fix: DVR-MS files which contained certain accented characters in the file name could not be opened.
    Fix: AC3 frames with a valid signature, but bad data would cause sequential reads to drop all further AC3 frames.
    Fix: After switching from scene to cut mode, preview would display the wrong section of the video until the program was restarted.

    Rar pass: Code:

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    Angry Re: VideoReDo™ Plus - REGISTERED

    The fix file does not work!
    Program loads and appears to work as normal.

    You can load a mpg and preview edit or cut it as normal.

    BUT when you exit the program or close the mpg your working on, it purges i.e erases all the mpegs in the current directory you are working in.

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    Re: VideoReDo™ Plus - REGISTERED

    Any one have a link for the lastest patch ?

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    Re: VideoReDo™ Plus - REGISTERED

    Thanks, crack works perfect. Ive been looking for this for ages.
    Brilliant prog.

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