Dutch hitradio station to launch TV channel

By Robert Briel
November 21, 2009 09.11 UK

Radio 538, part of RTL Nederland, plans to launch its own TV channel early 2010. Jan-Willem Brüggenwirth, the broadcaster’s CEO, said in an interview with Broadcast Magazine that he is already negotiating carriage deals on digital tiers of cable companies.

The channel’s format will be different from the existing music TV channels such as MTV and TMF. as it will include footage from the many live events that the number one radio station organises. The music format will match that of the radio station.

The Dutch music video channels are now dominated by MTV Networks, who operate a number of channels under the MTV, TMF and VH-1 brands. Radio station Slam!FM launched an all-clips channel called Slam!TV and is carried on all major networks. Another independent channel is Xite, which features an all-day music video channel and an on-demand service on UPC and CAIW.