Thor 6 already at the target position of 0.8 W

Released: 21/11/2009, 13:35 TODAY! | Author: Martin Vyleťal

Thor 6, a new telecommunications satellite Scandinavian satellite operator Telenor Satellite Broadcasting (TSBc), is already on its planned target position of 0.8 degrees west, where he carried out the final technical tests. At this location after the test operation of the satellite will replace Thor 3 and also offers additional capacity for expansion TSBc.

Thor 6 was delivered the 29th October 2009 with satellite NSS 12 (the planned target position 57 Wed east). Thor 6 will have a total of 36 transponders - from which 16 will be allocated to cover Scandinavia (platform Canal Digital) and the remaining 20 will be used as a replacement for Thor 3 and also to further expand the capacity of Central and Eastern Europe. That will use the platform Focus Sat, UPC Direct and MyTV (Project Digital Fly Ukraine).

Capacity for the Nordic countries on the new satellite will be used in so-called sub-Ku band (10.7 to 10.95 GHz). The signal from the transponder will be accepted, in Central Europe (Czech Republic and Slovakia).

Technical tests for Thor 6 (carrier test):

* Freq 10.932 GHz, pol V

* Freq 12.034 GHz, pol V

* Freq 12.207 GHz, H pol

* Freq 12.284 GHz, H pol

* Freq 12.360 GHz, H pol

* Freq 12.437 GHz, H pol

Thor 6 supplied by Thales Alenia Space. Satellites will provide service for 15 years.