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Thread: Can freeview be hacked?

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    Can freeview be hacked?

    I have an old On Digital box with card slot, can the full freeview and pay to view terrestrial channels be hacked?

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    Re: Can freeview be hacked?

    BBC1,2,3,4, ITV1,2,3,4 & Men&Motors are not encrypted anymore.
    Channel4, FIVE and Sky 3 can be obtained with a once off payment of 20 pounds if you have an address in the UK.
    Also, I think that if you subscribe to Sky, these channels will remain even if you stop the subscription (unconfirmed)...
    I recently subscribed to NASN and magic: I got those 3 channels with it. I'm hoping that they will remain when I stop.
    If you try this, pretend you don't have a card and ask for a new one.

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    Re: Can freeview be hacked?

    No chance.

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    Re: Can freeview be hacked?

    the codes and stuff are available for setanta and rod hot if u have a look.

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    Re: Can freeview be hacked?

    You can open Red Hot and Setanta Sport by using a keygen (xvrhkg.exe). You need some codes Ref23, ref24.... and you will be able to generate codes to open these channels.

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