Sky Deutschland boss departing?


The future of Mark Williams as the head of pay-TV operator Sky Deutschland seems to be under discussion.

Williams is said to have indicated his intention to leave the troubled broadcaster perhaps as early as by the end of this year, news magazine Der Spiegel reports, citing insiders.

The possible CEO change was discussed in a very small circle with no decision reached, even the supervisory board has not been involved, the report says. Williams was sent to Sky by parent company News Corp in autumn 2008 to restructure the company which was sliding towards bankruptcy. According to the magazine, Williams agreed to do the job mainly as a favour to his boss James Murdoch and has not really been feeling comfortable in Germany.

Also, success has remained modest. Although sufficient financial backing bas been secured for the time being, the actual business is providing disappointing results. Recently, the broadcaster announced its first figures after the rebranding from Premiere into Sky: With a mere 67,000 additions, subscriber growth remained well below expectations, while the operative loss climbed to more than €80 million. Within the company it is believed that more and more voices are demanding a manager more familiar with the day-by-day subscription business, the report states.

A few months ago, Williams affirmed that he would stay at Sky for the foreseeable