Azbox HD satdream fw 3877

* Build 0.9.3877SD
* image md5sum: 8817fb7cbaf65a1eb15d17442061fa0a
* Kernel Linux 2.6.15
* Modules to support ppp.
* vsftpd 2.0.5 UTF8 to WIN1251 character set conversion on the fly.
* pppd 2.4.3
* vfd_cyrilic transliteration.

* WebIF built-in image.
* Updated Russian translation.
* Updated transponder list for 9E and 36E
* Support for smart cards immediately after the installation image (default multicas).
* Ftp service starts by default.
* Web interface starts by default.
* Addon By default (until public access)

To update the software to patch.bin placed in the root folder on the USB storage device.
Do not forget to save your settings.
Upgrading to produce formatted DOM.

Downlad 1

Downlad 2