Throw out Mediaset complaint, Sky asks

Last week Mediaset formally complained about a Sky Italia USB 'key' that opens up reception of free digital terrestrial TV to any Sky subscriber.

Mediaset, owned by the Berlusconi family, filed its complaint on Nov 17 with Italy's anti-trust authorities. Sky Italia, in its response, said the complaint was unfounded. Sky said there was "no disincentive, neither economic nor practical, to choosing to subscribe to Mediaset's pay offer", and was "manifestly baseless" and that its USB dongle was "a market response to a competitive situation". So there!

However, Mediaset is also battling against Sky on a second front: First up, is an on-demand service which commenced last Friday. The service offers viewers a pair of new movie channels, and within them some 50 movies a month as well as the most recent episodes of popular TV series.

Pier Silvio Berlusconi, son of the Italian prime minister, said the new Mediaset service will target all digital terrestrial viewsers, now increasingly switching to digital reception. By next year this is likely to top 4.5m users.