*ND/S* technology to support MYtv

November 23, 2009

MYtv, the Israeli-backed DTH platform serving Ukraine, is to launch the region’s first personal video recorder service when it enters full programme service before the end of the year.

MYtv will use the *ND/S* XTV technology for its PVR and has also selected the MediaHighway middleware and VideoGuard conditional access. Although initial broadcasts will be in SD, the Kaon-manufactured receivers will be HD capable.

“We aim to become the consumer’s first choice in entertainment and information by using the best available TV technology to enhance the television viewing experience,” said Albert Feldman, general director of MYtv. “We chose to partner with *ND/S* because *ND/S* has the technology, experience and market understanding to help us reach our goal.”

Start-up transmissions in MPEG-4/DVB-S2 are already underway on Thor 3 and will move to Intelsat-owned capacity on the recently launched Thor 6 within the next few weeks.