ILS delays launch of Eutelsat W7

By Robert Briel
November 23, 2009 12.53 UK

International Launch Services has informed Eutelsat of a launch delay for the W7 satellite, which was originally scheduled to take place this afternoon, Monday, November 23, at 14.19 GMT from the from Baikonor cosmodrome in Kazakstan,. The satellite and launcher are both in safe configuration mode. Information on the new launch window will be posted later today.

The Eutelsat W7 will be co-positioned with the W4 satellite at 36 East. It will replace the existing Sesat 1 satellite, expanding capacity at the orbital position.

Featuring up to 70 Ku-band transponders, connected to five downlink beams covering Europe, Russia, Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia, W7 will enable Eutelsat to double the bandwidth available for digital video and telecommunications services in those regions.

While replacing all the Sesat 1 capacity, W7 will also offer new resources over South Africa through a high-power fixed beam. It also has a steerable beam which is ideally suited for DTH applications.