Educational content popular in South Korea

Educational programmes are now the most popular kind of on-demand content with customers of South Korean telco KT's IPTV service 'QOOK TV', according to reports in local newspaper The Chosun Ilbo.

The telco is reported as saying that educational content accounted for the largest portion of video-on-demand orders with its IPTV subscribers, accounting for 20.3% of VOD orders in October, becoming the first time any single content type has passed the 20% level. Demand for educational content rose from 14.1% of orders in August to 18.6% in September, while the frequency of use per subscriber also increased from an average of 19.8 times in August to 20.8 in September and 24.2 in October.

KT reportedly attributes the growing demand to its intensive investment in educational programming, including lessons taught by well-known instructors, and to a growing trend of studying at home, especially given the recent H1N1 flu scare in the country.

KT recently announced that it had topped 2mn subscribers for its IPTV service.