Monday, November 23rd 2009
Two new US dramas are to be added to Virgin Media's digital TV platform, it has been announced.

Digital TV provider Virgin Media has announced it is to showcase to new US dramas on its broadcast platform.

The company, which also offers fibre optic broadband services, has revealed that its deal with NBC will see it show Warehouse 13 and Trauma on its Virgin 1 channel from the start of next year.

Warehouse 13 is a science fiction series which follows the adventures of two government agents who work in a building holding a range of mysterious artefacts.

In contrast, Trauma is a medical drama about paramedics in San Francisco.
Amy Barham, head of acquisitions at Virgin Media, said both shows would give Virgin 1 "a really strong line-up for next year".

She added: "With Virgin 1 the fastest growing channel in Freeview, we want our 2010 schedule to continue to deliver the exciting, quality US drama we know our viewers love."

Virgin Media recently added series of dramas including Six Feet Under and The Wire to its on-demand digital TV service.