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Thread: CCcamInfoPHP_v0_8_6__DT4

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    DT4 CCcamInfoPHP - With GeoIP

    - New parameter in config.php:

    / / Setting up a server for sending emails.

    - $ SMTP = "" / / server name smtp / pop does not
    - $ Smtp_port = "" / / server port smtp / normally 25
    - $ Send_mail_from ="";// your email
    - $ Mail_username = "" / / username if the server requires authentication
    - $ Mail_password = "" / / password if the server requires authentication
    - $ Clientmessageemail [] = array ("",""); / / email clients

    - New features

    - In the directory "flags" is a readme.txt file that explains how to add more images of flags of countries. If the image of the flag does not appear in the application, then it is because there is no image and has to add the directory "flags".

    - You can send an email to all customers or only to a
    - There is a form in the client details that allows you to configure your e-mail, or configure the parameters messageemail existing config.php
    - Displays images of flags of the countries of the clients and servers
    - View the geolocation of a client or server via google maps. To view just click the top banner.

    Important: The config.php has a new parameter so do not use any previous version of

    Thx to zegato

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    Re: CCcamInfoPHP_v0_8_6__DT4


    CCcamInfoPHP v0.8.6 DT5

    Here is a new version of CCcamInfoPHP.
    First of all I wish to thank friends XBlaster for their great help in the development and availability chart, the implementation of some features and ideas. Also he was the great guinea pig for this project. Hehehe
    I also want to thank our families for their support, understanding and their patience during the development of this project.

    I also want to say here that this work may be available elsewhere, provided they refer to their authors, and zegato XBlaster, and the name of this great forum, DragTeam. Is that in previous versions, oddly enough, in some forums made no reference to their authors or the Young Entrepreneur Forums forum.
    I also leave here a message of appreciation to our friend, Urtig„o, it was he who started, and well, with this great project (CCcamInfoPHP 0.8.6 (DT1)).

    And last but not least, I thank TOOGOODY the work done in the original CCcamInfoPHP v0.8.6.

    This version is designed to 100% for the English language so I ask that if anyone wants to translate into other languages, strength, and you provide me a pm and then update the version. To do this just go to the folder that language is in htdocs and update the file according to the language. Just compare the PT file and add the variables that are missing, with a translation.

    For example, to translate the variable:

    $ generic_lv_uptime = "On";

    in EN.php should be:

    $ generic_lv_uptime = "Uptime";

    The changes / implementations in this new version of the program (are in the readme.txt, plays the read), but here goes:

    - Form to enter all necessary data in config.php (no need to go to config.php)
    - Confirmation message to restart or reboot the dreambox
    - Sending emails to customers off (note that customers will only be considered as offline if they have had some time online at CCcamInfoPHP. They need to exist in the file Usage.dat)
    - New image loading
    - New design of the buttons
    - Scan the server port
    - Some bugs fixed in the configuration of the mail server - smtp authentication (TLS, SSL)
    - Command to control the Dreambox (In IExplorer is to reenter the credentials)
    - Charts on page servers and clients
    - Option to monitor servers that are off
    - Report of servers off
    - Sending e-mail if the server is off (in this case only works for the server / local card)
    - Percentage of Ecm ok on the General page
    - New images of flags (including a flag for local ips)
    - Icon in the URL bar
    - New CCcam.channelinfo
    - Option added service:
    * Option flushdns
    * Button for CCcamInfoFilter
    * Editor for files Cccam.prio, Cccam.cfg, Cccam.channelinfo and Cccam.providers
    * Inclusion of Putty
    * View, backup, restore and delete the CCcam.cfg
    * The backup's are in the folder / htdocs / backup
    * Access to "NewCS Web Interface"

    Very important: Do not copy the config.php file for other versions of this - does not work!

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    Re: CCcamInfoPHP_v0_8_6__DT4

    Titles in English and Spanish language

    / CCcamInfoPHP v0.8.6 (DT5) / htdocs / language

    and replace the current EN or ES file for this new one ...

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    Re: CCcamInfoPHP_v0_8_6__DT4

    CCcamInfoPHP v0.8.6 (DT5) XAMPP

    Here is the version CCcamInfoPHP v0.8.6 (DT5) with the bugs fixed
    they were to give in XAMPP not had time to test on linux but on windows it was apparently corrected ...

    and very easy to install after the champp installed and so put the folder in htdocs DragTeam in xampp

    Then, and so go to our browser type the following

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    Re: CCcamInfoPHP_v0_8_6__DT4

    hi guys got it working on ubuntu server runs great problem i have is that i can not read my cccam config file or see it just a blank screen my config is in/var/ect but i have seen a var in the dragteam file, so any help would be great trhanks billy

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