Manual Update Receptor AzAmerica

Steps to update the USB receptor

1) Download the firmware update
2) Unzip the file and place it in the pendrive. (Required in the root folder, if the file is inside a briefcase receiver is not identified)
3) Plug the flash drive in the device. (If a window opens with the pendrive contents, press the EXIT button on the remote control)
4) Go to Menu> Tools> Update via USB
5) update file select the file you unzipped the USB.
6) At the option Melhorar / Upgrade Update mode .. select Allcode + Bootloader
7) Go to Start / Start and wait for the update of the device. At the end of the upgrade will automatically restart.

Instructions for upgrading cable: S800, S806, S810 and S810B.

1) Download the update according to your model
2) Download the software update (AZ-Loader) according to their model.
3) Unzip the two files in a folder of your choice.
4) Run the update program (AZ-Loader)
5) Make sure the cable is connected to COM1 and select the program option in the COM port 1 ".
6) If you are not sure which port to use, go to Device Manager (Control Panel / System) to locate the item Ports (COM & LPT) and see what doors are available.
7) Allow the unit plugged in, put the key back.
Cool Connect the computer to the decoder. Attention never connect the cable to the receiver with the lighting that you can burn the serial port or even computer.
9) Click "Browse" and select the firmware you just downloaded. (s810_MECM_12 Jun 09.abs, s810b_MECM_12-June-09.abs or s800_MECM_12 Jun 09.abs)
10) Click on NEXT.
11) Turn the key receiver back.
12) If the message "Sync target STB ... Please return!" Disconnect the decoder and then back on.
13) Wait for the firmware loading process.
14) Click Next.
15) Wait until the update has finished.