DTVOS (INTECO Digital Television Operating System )firmware for Qbox One

Idtvos going public: an accessible STB open source

The IDTVOS project is finally public. IDTVOS is the free middleware for digital television set top box developed by Inteco.

IDTVOS is based upon Jet and is focused toward easy accessibility (useful for everybody and impaired people too!). The main feature inside is the integration with Flite, a "text to speech" engine that help a lot browsing the decoder menu, reading televideo and all the textual content already present in interactive applications.

Of course, this is a work in progress too. Looking for people to test and help giving good critics and advices. As it's free software, you the community can help a lot.

Go get the software here and tell Inteco people this is the way to go.

Congrats Inteco guy. You rock!