SIFTeam enigma2 extreme edition *beta5b*

Today we are really glad to announce our first public beta !

This is a beta version.. and it still have MANY bugs! So, use it at your own risk!
If you have any problems please post the bug... we read it and, if it's a real bug, we put it in our todo list for next release.


- based on Tideglo nightly build 060
- a standard rc init system with runlevel support
- flash and usb versions available
- integrated multiboot config for bootloader. You can manage mboot options directly from remote controller
- tool for uboot management (console)
- standard ipkg system for packaging management (console and osd)
- emulators and card servers management and supervision (console and osd)
- swap space management (osd)
- daemons management (osd)
- network scan and mount (osd)
- disk manager for format/check/mounts disks and partition (osd)
It work througt device model and serial so it keep your mount point even if you change your devices order
- crossepg preinstalled
- mediaplayer preinstalled
- playerdvd preinstalled
- crond preinstalled (start/stop in daemons)
- dropbear preinstalled (start/stop in daemons)
- httpd preinstalled (start/stop in daemons)
- inadyn installable from repository (start/stop/configure in daemons)
- openvpn installable from repository (start/stop in daemons)
- pcscd preinstalled (start/stop in daemons)
- samba installable from repository (start/stop/configure in daemons)
- syslog preinstalled (start/stop in daemons)
- telnetd preintalled (start/stop in daemons)
- vsftpd preinstalled (start/stop in daemons)
- extended busybox commands set
- online repository with many others packages (plugins, skins, spinners, etc. etc.)
- sysctl support in kernel
- kernel printk enabled throught dmesg

Known bugs:

- probabilly, after a deep standby/reboot/restart gui, you find a new crashlog on your hdd
- after a plugin installation or skinner installation you have to reboot enigma2
- if you find your daemon list or your cardservers list not right updated after an emu/cs installation/uninstallation you have to completely reboot your box
- some missing elements in skin_default folder.. update it throught addons

Some interesting utilities:

cuberevo:~# cs
SIFTeam card server manager utility

cs list
cs start [emu_number]
cs stop
cs restart

cuberevo:~# emu
SIFTeam emu manager utility

emu list
emu start [emu_number]
emu stop
emu restart
emu ecminfo

cuberevo:~# uboot
SIFTeam uboot menu editor

uboot show
uboot set [menu_id] [label] [image] [type] [arg]
uboot net [ipaddr] [netmask] [gateway] [serverip]

menu_id number from 1 to 9 (the key in your remote)
label menu description (will be print on cuberevo display at boot)
image 'enigma2' or 'dgs' or 'enigma2_debug' or 'dgs_debug'
type 'flash' or 'usb' or 'disk' or 'nfs'
arg depend from type:
flash no argument is required
usb [device]
disk [device]
nfs [nfs_root]

# add dgs flash to button 1
uboot set 1 "DGS FLASH" dgs flash
# add enigma2 flash to button 2
uboot set 2 "ENIGMA2 FLASH" enigma2 flash
# add enigma2 usb to button 3
uboot set 3 "ENIGMA2 USB" enigma2 usb sdb1
# add enigma2 disk to button 4
uboot set 4 "ENIGMA2 HDD" enigma2 disk sda1
# add enigma2 nfs to button 5
uboot set 5 "ENIGMA2 NFS" enigma2 nfs /home/9000hd

# set ip address in uboot
uboot net