Orange TV introduces new hybrid boxes

By Robert Briel
November 24, 2009 07.47 UK

The French IPTV operator Orange has announced the release of a new generation of hybrid IPTV boxes for its subscribers. To be introduced during 2010, the new box will incorporate a variety of tuners, including DVB-T MPEG-4, suitable for terrestrial HD reception and one with a satellite tuner.

A 160 GB PVR comes as standard, allowing viewers to pause live TV as well as record programmes. The new box also includes the possibility, called ‘Home Library’, to view locally stored content such as pictures, music and home videos.

The box also gives access to regular online services including weather, news and popular sites such as Flickr, DailyMotion and YouTube.

Orange also showed a prototype of a new Orange Box which includes the ability to show Flash 10 video and also includes a Blu-ray player. It is also possible to access gaming sites and use the remote control as a controlling device, much like the Wii. The box is very much work in progress and Orange did not want to commit to bringing the device actually to market.