TF1 launches catch-up TV on IPTV

By Robert Briel
November 24, 2009 07.57 UK

The French commercial broadcaster TF1 has finally launched its catch-up TV service MyTF1 on the IPTV boxes BBox from Bouygues Telecom. Other IPTV providers will follow.

MyTF1 is available free of charge to viewers with advertising footing the bill. About 3,000 programmes are available on demand and can easily be accessed by clicking on the OK button while watching the TF1 channel on the BBox.

Catch-up programmes will be available for a period of seven days after the original broadcast. BouyguesTelecom currently has 170,000 subscribers to its IPTV service.

TF1 is negotiating with otther IPTV providers to add the MyTF1 service to their platform.

TF1 also operates the VOD service TF1 Vision, which offers recent movies and other premium programming on a transactional basis.