Sky Italia cards,hacker community has announced that it has the solution.

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

The CardSharing can with Sky Italia and recent countermeasures ND/S

ND/S A few weeks ago launched a countermeasure to curb piracy of its channels on Sky Italy through what is known as CardSharing (sharing a credit to hundreds of customers) and to send ECM NDE of variable length.
This allowed different Cardsharing emulators do not interpret the answers on the card is all dark.

Sky Italia cards functioned well, only official recipients. Today, barely three weeks later, the hacker community has announced that it has the solution.
The first receiver on "open and sharing" of new channels Sky Italia has been the QBox and immediately, all Linux-based receivers.

Parallel ND/S launched the same attack in Germany for the Premiere platform, but the underground community believes that is ridiculous, because they already have the solution to the problem.