DartyBox intros TV-only service

French telco Darty has launched an IPTV-only offer, which offers more channels than its multi-play package and costs 20 per month for the first six months, plus a 5 monthly rental charge for the set-top box.

The service's set-top box 'DartyBox' is currently only available in retail stores and offers a basic package of 120 channels, with customers also able to subscribe to the Numericable Premium and Infinity packages, Canal Plus and Canal Plus Weekend. After the first six months, subscription charges rise to 31.90 per month, while customers that select the PVR-capable set-top pay 5 per month for the first year and 10 per month thereafter.

The move follows a similar recent launch by Deutsche Telekom of a new package called 'Entertain Pur' which offers solely its IPTV service 'T-Home Entertain' for 27.95 per month. The German incumbent stated that it launched the package to target older customers who are not interested in an Internet connection and already have a phone line with the company.