Wlanmonitor -Plugin for Azbox HD

This plugin is for fans with Wi-Fi Azbox thinking elite, who want only occasionally connect to the network.

1. You can download from a list of the best wireless drivers, perform various tests and connect to the wireless network, all with the remote PC is needed only for one-time configuration.

2. Two new drivers for rt73 sticks with zd1211-to-chip and chip available, both with WEP/WPA/WPA2.

3. Scan function to see not only access points, but also other wireless clients, because the drivers control the monitor mode.

One can also do everything via a telnet connection from a PC, but herewith it is more convenient, quick time to play around in a commercial break something.
At least one of the internal driver (RT2870) for Azbox premium can be placed in the monitor mode. Whether the scan but it works, I can not test.

The installation of the plugin requires approximately 80k, wlanmoni.zip (holger.heit, 24.5 kB - 0 downloads)

to the driver rt73_m (370k) and zd1211 (390k), driver.zip (holger.heit, 305.3 kB - 0 downloads)

is a compatible with the zd1211 wpa_supplicant with EAP support at about 350k,
to scan the program about airmon 50k (a defused airodump). progs.zip (holger.heit, 153.7 kB - 0 downloads)

Who's right stick and wants to try everything, even time takes about 1 MB on a box, and can therefore be set in the configuration file, a path to drivers and additional programs. In my case a USB memory stick is connected to wlan with a directory from the path / DATA/usb1/sda1/wlan is.

Install the plugin as usual USB or / tmp.
Then an ftp connection between PC and azbox in the configuration file / PLUGINS / WLANmonitor / wlanmoni.cfg adjust the path and copy unzipped drivers and programs on this path. Now check whether the programs wpa_supplicant airmon and after unpacking and copying are still feasible, and finally
- Adjust for WFP in the configuration file entry KEY, the hidden SSID SSID in addition to the entry,
- Customize with rt73 and WPA/WPA2 PSK entry in the configuration file,
- For the zd1211 and WPA/WPA2 files userscript0.sh (path to wpa_supplicant) and adjust wpa1.conf (ssid and psk).
Windows users can do very well with winscp, as well as an appropriate editor is included.

Within the plug-in, one moves up down with the arrow keys / or the red / blue function key to move between tabs, selection of options with the arrow keys left / right, do something with OK button and exit with EXIT button. A short manual wlanmoni.rtf is contained in wlanmoni.zip.

To test a level_one WNC_0301 V3 (rt73 chip was from ralink) and a fiber line WL410U (zd1211 chip used by ZyDAS).
There are many Wi-sticks with the ZyDAS chips, which have excellent reception characteristics, much better than ralink.

The program is not guaranteed accurate, but perhaps useful for others.