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Thread: Penthouse HD from Dezember

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    Penthouse HD from Dezember

    Penthouse HD from December

    There is again about the HD channels Penthouse Erotic HD.
    The cards will be available from late November / early December.

    First the bad Nachricht.Die card will cost 190 euros, and only works with the Eurobird 9E stations.

    And now for the good news, not as earlier claimed, the card will activate only a softcore channels, but also 2 Hardcore channel.

    So there are 3 transmitters, which are received with the card.
    according to statements the distributor, it will not just be upscaled material, but for real HDTV Material.Ob agrees that, we can report in just over 7 days.

    Then some high-definition HD screenshots online are provided, and everyone can make a picture of himself.

    The card is in the rest with a CI module, the so-called "W works! Cam" Worldcam ausgeliefert.Die map, with the module.

    Penthouse HD uses its own encryption system.

    As with the other Erotic subscriptions, even here the pre-paid model eingesetzt.Also you buy the card and can be 12 months schauen.Dannach can renew the subscription or not.

    All 3 stations are in the penthouse of the day run added.

    Source: saterotik

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    Re: Penthouse HD from Dezember

    Penthouse 3 HD channels available in Poland

    * 2009-11-25 16:54:17 / Janusz Sulisz
    * Last update: 2009-11-25 17:42:16
    * Source: inf. incl

    As early as from 1 December 2009 in Poland will be sold to the module and the card access code to receive three erotic Penthouse HD channels in high definition. Encoded in the DRE-Crypt 3-channel HD Penthouse, Penthouse Penthouse HD1 and HD2 are broadcast from the satellite Eurobird 9A position 9E (next to the Hot Bird - 13E). Penthouse card CI module is expected to cost in Poland 999zł.

    Penthouse erotic HD channel of "soft". Penthouse Penthouse HD 1 and HD 2 channels while they are hardcore, presenting a sharp erotic. Channels so far are available in the satellite platforms, inter alia, as the first soft (Penthouse HD), who joined the French operator CanalSat, the Astra 1 (19.2 E).

    In Poland, dedicated to the distribution of CAM modules in the system and the DRE-Crypt Penthouse HD card code will focus on the company from Gdynia and the Sacred-profane dichotomy Hollex Sat Systems from Krakow. Retail Price CAM and card with an annual subscription for 3 HD channels Penthouse 999zł expense. Customer after the acquisition will have to activate the card via the Internet. Of course, you have to have the converter set to 9E of what can sometimes be a problem, because it is very close to 13E and 9E are often the converter does not fit in with the fire antenna. You can possibly use special antennas or LNBs Monoblock V-3.

    The first tests in Poland that the DRE-Crypt Module with HD Penthouse card should work in most of the newest HD receivers (tested in HDTV tuners: Topfield, S-Radix, Ferguson and others).

    Penthouse package of channels is transmitted from the satellite Eurobird 9A - 9E of the frequency 12.054 GHz, pol. H, SR: 27500, FEC: 2 / 3, DVB-S2/8PSK. The package consists of 4 HD channels. 3 of them are encoded (Penthouse HD), and one is available as FTA and this is a promo package. Channel bitrate image is encoded up to 13 Mbit / s, while the promo is transferred from the image at 8.5 Mbit / s. Here it is worth noting that the HD channels in Poland are often lower quality than even the same promo Penthouse HD.

    Technical parameters:
    EuroBird 9A (9E)
    tp. 67 (12.054 GHz, pol. H, SR: 27500, FEC: 2 / 3, DVB-S2/8PSK)

    Penthouse HD Promo
    PID V: 80
    PID A: 96
    SID: 5
    Encoding: none

    Penthouse HD
    PID V: 256
    A PID: 272, 288
    SID: 10
    Encoding: DRE-Crypt

    Penthouse HD 1
    PID V: 512
    A PID: 528, 544
    SID: 20
    Encoding: DRE-Crypt

    Penthouse HD 2
    PID V: 768
    A PID: 784, 800
    SID: 30
    Encoding: DRE-Crypt

    Satellite EuroBird 9A (9E) is attractive for those interested in access to HD channels, available here include: FTV HD (Fashion TV HD), bebe tv HD, Luxe TV, MyZen TV m2 HD and a few others. For the moment, none of the Polish satellite platforms did not think that the satellite next to "download" for free or for a fee niskąa some interesting HD channels. It is strange, since the Hot Bird satellite is not enough space on the HD channels for bitrate 13 Mbit / s.

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