DVB in next gen mobile technology call

November 25, 2009

The DVB Project has launched a Call for Technologies for a Next Generation handheld system that would become a successor to DVB-H.

The industry call will run until February 26, 2010, and is intended to invite technology input that would facilitate an appropriate NGH physical layer on which a successful full next generation handheld system could be built.

Although the implementation of the present standard has been mixed, the DVB believes that a second generation DVB standard addressing handheld and mobile devices is required, given that significant changes have taken place in the delivery and consumption of multimedia content.

The Geneva-based organisation says the multimedia content market is going through a profound change and there is a need to consider the next 10 years requirement in the market place for convergence of devices, delivery mechanisms and platforms.

One possibility is to look to ways of leveraging the advantages of the recently confirmed terrestrial standard DVB-T2. A number of operators have already attempted to introduce mobile TV services through its predecessor DVB-T, rather than run a separate DVB-H offering.