script for backup and restore

I once built a script to back up or restore. It is located in the appendix.

I like koi has just written, there is already a plugin that does the same fas. here is simply configured in samba in addition so that it starts automatsich after every reboot, making it by the network on the box comes. Besides these, the midnightkomander there.

go via ssh telnet and run:
mkdir / DATA/hdb1/sicherung /
mkdir / DATA/hdb1/sicherung/settings /
mkdir / DATA/hdb1/sicherung/smbinst /

If you already have invested or, then run the NOT. If you do not know whether the two files are with you, then you did not even run, so then:
touch / DISK2/etc/
touch / DISK2/etc/

Now the content of install.7z recite the ornder assurance (unpack packed with 7zip) and copy it to your box via ftp to / DATA/hdb1 /
via telnet / ssh / DATA/hdb1/sicherung/ run in order to populate the directories with your data. is located in one folder assurance. so you can restore the data when needed again. Just run:
/ DATA/hdb1/sicherung/
there is a after the initial installation it is copied to / bin, so it can be easily accessed by ssh and run.
the mc is after the first installation directly by "mc" from telnet / ssh callable.

desire for change and I am happy to open.
if you change the script itself what it would be nice if you let the General take part in the forum here also.
then please send a short message with the changes and the changed files post here.