Spain's CMT an Ofcom wannabe

The Spanish Telecommunications Market Commission is demanding a similar role in the market as the Ofcom in the UK or Agcom in Italy with jurisdiction in both the audiovisual and the telco industries.

To this end, CMT - which currently only regulates the telco market is seeking to change the overall Audiovisual Law Bill, now under debate in the Parliament, which paves the way for the creation of an independent Audiovisual Council different from the CMT. The CMT also wants to have the final say in the allocation of radio spectrum, currently under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Industry.

"The Audiovisual law is obsolete, it does not bear the future in mind but the past, as the media convergence is a reality and this is not included in the new legislation", said a member of CMT.

TV channels are against the CMT intervention and for self-regulation with no interference in TV content, but with regulation of technical issues such as mergers.