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Thread: UCP tring Nova sexView

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    UCP tring Nova sexView

    My local card

    Upc Direct 19E

    Tring 16E

    Nova 13E

    Sex View 13E

    I Search only this card .Please no other card Thanks

    ORION 80E

    GTSS Raduga 75E

    HTB+ 36E

    Orbit and Max tv 26E

    SOS Pramium ch 13E

    Boom 4W

    Dahlia 12.5 West

    TV-Cabo+Zon film 30West

    Please send me pm with activated c-line and I will respond you as soon as i can.

    Happy Sharing !!

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    Re: UCP tring Nova sexView

    i ahve only digitalb supersport,are u interesed?

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