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Thread: Problem with Power supply

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    Question Problem with Power supply

    I have an AtSat FX 7220 receiver, clone of a metabox STB, my power supply is out. I give it to a friend to fix it, but he lost the parts which have to be changed. Can anybody give me the reference writen on D7 and D8 (diodes) ? The power card Model is MTG-2 (F). They are immediatly connected to output voltage 3V3 and 5V. Thanx for your interest and your help.

    Je recherche la référence de diodes D7 et D8 sur l'alimentation de mon démo AtSat FX 7220. Merci

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    Re: Problem with Power supply

    mate i suggest u to go and give it to some professional its better for u

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    if your receiver is metabox you have 2 big condensateur change only one of two white metrix on alimentation
    regards mag

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    Thanx for your help. I found at least the reference of the diodes. They are two schottky diodes SR306 and SR506. I replaced them with two SR506 but the output voltage is less than 3V and 5V. By changing of the condensators It works fine now ! Perhaps it's usefull for some Sat-watchers ?

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