Public Test Images (Beta release)

Our build server generates every night ‘Beta’ test images from the OpenPLi source, these ‘beta release’ test images are published daily on our forum and can be downloaded via the 'Nightly OpenPLi Builds' menu item via the main PLi menu. This is another first for the end user and a great way to keep right up to date with new technolgy on your set top box.

As the name implies, these are ‘untested’ images and should only be installed and used by people who know what they are doing as they are not fully tested and that is why they are called 'beta release' versions. This means that a ‘beta’ image is an automatically generated image at a fixed time every day, regardless of the state the code is in. If a developer is working on something, which might or might not be committed entirely, and could be untested, the resulting image could be potentially unstable, ranging from broken features to a crashing or even non-booting image.

We will NOT provide end user support for these nightly ‘beta’ test images , but rather we like to hear your comments and feedback.

Every now and then we will declare a version as stable, like Jade, compile it with a PLi® livery, and publish it as the next official PLi image which will be announced at our website and also via our OpenPli Twitter account.




Thanks PLi Team :Thxvictoire1: