Set-top box suppliers Pace have further extended their influence in Latin America.

The latest distribution deal is in Argentina with Cablevisión new MAX HD and its DVR box. The deal follows on from a similar agreement with Brazil's Net Servicos.

Pace has developed the new HD-DVRs for Cablevision's MAX digital TV service which is launching at the end of November. The MAX service incorporates new TV, radio, gaming, pay-per-view and premium subscription channels which can be navigated using an advanced interactive EPG.

The HD-DVR has a 250GB hard drive allowing up to 70hrs of HD or 150 hrs of SD content and viewers can pause and rewind live TV, record one channel while watching another or record two programs at the same time while watching a third from the hard drive.

"Launching MAX is a very important move for us as we continue to assert our leadership position in HD programming in the region," said Gonzalo Hita, Commercial Manager of Cablevisión. "We needed a partner that could provide the best available set-top box technology and one that we can rely on in the future as we continue to push the boundaries of delivering the digital TV experience. Pace fit the bill perfectly, and has been integral in making MAX a reality