Hispasat deviates from its path

Hispasat deviates from its path and affecting RTP ZON
Yesterday, around 16:00 hours, the ordeal began with the detour from your route of one of the Hispasat Satellite Fleet.

The RTP site collected all the incidents in real time.

They cut all channel signals but also affect the service DAB and Platform ZON.
In anxious moments, in the live debate, the signal came and went, in a reorientation of antennas on the ground and the satellite itself to maintain the normal distribution within its footprint when away from your route.

Several times technicians must redirect their antennas, but all services both radio and television were affected by continuous cuts up to 40 minutes.
Finally the affected satellite resumed his position at about midnight.
The MEO or Digital + platform were not affected because the satellite broadcasting from partner.