Descargada y probada que es el colmo teniendola en local

Os presentamos la IV versión pública de QboxHD Rev:0.50 de TodoDream basada en:


Según parece no va la TDT, pero hasta q no funcione el grabar y ver SAT no me importa...

TodoDream Panel (botón azul) con utilidades, descargas, etc...

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=================================== QBOX HD ===================================

This is a BETA UPGRADE package for the QBoxHD.
This package contains the official BETA firmware & Panel TodoDream Team for the QBoxHD.


1. uncompress the file inside the USB flash drive.
This will create a qboxhd_update directory
2. Turn off the QBox HD
3. Insert the USB flash drive that contains the update file
4. Turn on the QBox HD
5. The update procedure starts. The LCD will display the update status.
If you decompressed the file before, this operation takes approximately
<5 min. If you didn't decompress it, it can take up to 15 min.
6. When the update procedure finishes, the QBox HD will continue with
the normal start-up
7. Remove the USB flash drive

Update contents
|-- ChangeLog.txt Changes since last version
|-- README.txt This file
|-- rootfs.cpio Recovery filesystem image
`-- Recovery script

Gracias a Neil00