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    hi guys has anyone got any info on how to patch a 7655 hard to find any clues

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    Quote Originally Posted by red vanman View Post
    hi guys has anyone got any info on how to patch a 7655 hard to find any clues
    hi m8,
    there has'nt been a updated patch for some time now
    but with the tm softcam loaded after the patch you should
    be able to get the available channels to open, the patch now
    opens most on thor 1w with the digi-tv chns there are few chns
    open on other sats but not a lot, this is how to patch your box
    [1] you need a null modem cable [female to female 9 pin ends]
    if you use a laptop you also need a usb to serial converter
    if your laptop does'nt have a 9 pin com port to use the cable in.

    [2] next you need to download the v187 loader panel [this is the latest]

    [3] now download the latest patch for your model[super or original]
    you must use the correct patch they only work on the correct receiver.
    [4] now that you have all the above and you have your receiver set-up and
    all the satellites and channels with the free to air channels opening.
    [5] first open the zipped folder and take the patch out ready to load on your stb: if you download to your desktop, after you have opened the folder you will see the both the folder and the patch [ a little square with a yellow face on it] on your desktop the patch is now ready to load onto your receiver.
    [6] leave your receiver on standby and connect the null modem cable from
    your 9 pin com port on your pc to the rs232 port on the rear of the receiver.
    [7] next open and run the v187 loader panel, and if you intend to keep your receiver patched, make a shortcut to your desktop for the v187 loader this makes it easier and quicker when you need to patch or add softcamkeys.
    [8] once the loader has opened click the browse button and window open for you find the patch where you opened it, when you find the patch left click on it and then click save on the window, this will now close and load the patch on the v187 or for the tm 3000 it's own loader panel.
    [9] next set the loader at the top of the panel to software and click auto detect and a small panel opens with version detected, click exit on it and then click connect on the panel and the small panel re-opens, then you click start on this panel and wait untill the patch has loaded fully and you will see erasing-writing etc: wait untill everything has compleated and it says finished. click finished and exit the loader panel. your receiver is now patched.
    [10] if other providers channels dont open you will need to enter the softcamkeys file to open the channels, you do this the same way as patching. after you set the loader panel to keys before useing the softcamkeys file. and then follow the same procedure as patching.
    [11] finally you have now patched and got the channels open,

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