Major problems for French digital radio
Pascale Paoli Lebailly

It seems France's private radio stations are refusing to enter into the country's digital transmission plan.

The question being asked is whether this point-blank refusal means the end of digital terrestrial radio (DTR) in France. Originally announced for implementation by Christmas 2009, then re-scheduled for summer 2010 in Paris, Marseille and Nice, the French launch of DTR seems once again at a low ebb.

Last week, a release from the Bureau de la Radio, which looks after the four major national private broadcasting groups, questioned the whole business model of DTR.

RTL, Europe 1, NRJ Group and NextRadioTV (RMC & BFM) argued that the cost of the project is not compatible with the business model of radio media, and doesn't create sufficient positive conditions to plan their launch of DTR.