New Zealand gets IPTV trials underway

New Zealand telco TelstraClear has started testing IPTV services, and indicated that it plans to deliver the service over the country's yet-to-be-built ultra-fast broadband network, according to reports in local newspaper the New Zealand Herald.

Mathew Bolland, head of national broadband network engagement at TelstraClear, said in an interview that the company has just completed testing IPTV in a workshop in the country's capital of Wellington, using the fibre network of Whangarei-based firm Northpower (on which TelstraClear runs its local phone and broadband services) to test the service.

"It was effectively like a living room in a household up in Whangarei, with high-quality TV, multiple channels, on-demand content, all linked in with your phone and your broadband as a triple-play," Mr. Bolland is reported as saying.

A new ultra-fast broadband network is planned to be built with investments of up to NZ$ 1.5bn (US$ 1bn) of government money, covering three-quarters of Kiwi homes and businesses. No contracts have yet been awarded, while 38 companies have expressed an interest in participating in the project and have until the end of January to submit formal proposals.