Just tried to add ITV HD to this device by editing the .udf file using Alieditor, but it appears that Alieditor trashes the format of the file, so when it's uploaded to the SL 100HD, the device promptly looses all it's data about any satellites that were programmed in by default.

Resetting the device or setting to factory default, does nothing. Contacted Comag's UK support, who said "sorry, not covered by warranty, so you have to send the box back!"

Now I know this is just a file corruption issue and a copy of the default channel list would clear the problem, so has anyone got a copy of the default channel list I can have?

Also, does anyone know what the problem with Alieditor is? Version I'm using is DB4 2.1.0a 2008-11-22 Upgrade Library 3.0.0e