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Thread: Sharing 3 dreambox locally in a LAN

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    Sharing 3 dreambox locally in a LAN

    I have 2 DM500 I am using CCcam_2.1.3 newcs 1.67 on both
    now i will buy one more for our kid, and later maybee a 7020 for our 4 room.

    I have in CCcam.cfg edit:

    I have on server:
    F: username userpassword

    and on client :
    C: IPaddresofserver 12000 username userpassword

    it all works,

    but what about the new box ?
    Can the new box connect on same port and username / pass

    best regards

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    Re: Sharing 3 dreambox locally in a LAN

    F: username2 userpassword2
    F: username3 userpassword3
    F: username4 userpassword4

    Many as you want and for the CLine just do the same on each box.

    username and password must be different and yes all box can connect on the same port.

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    Re: Sharing 3 dreambox locally in a LAN

    Thanks for fast greatful help

    best regards

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