Strong autumn tides at SeaChange

A strong showing within its VOD software and servers & storage segments gave SeaChange International quarterly revenues of $53 million in the third quarter ending October 31, 2009. The figures represent a $1.5 million uplift on 2008.

Media Services revenue of $5.2 million was 35% higher than in last year’s third quarter. It comes as a result of increased VOD content services revenue from the UK’s Virgin Media as well as customers in Greece and Italy. Last year’s acquisition of Mobix Interactive also added to the revenues within this segment.

Software revenues fell by $1.9 million to $35.7 million, largely due to the soft advertising market. VOD software product revenue grew by 8% on increased licensing revenue from US cablenets and the inclusion of the recently acquired eventIS for a portion of the quarter.

Server revenues near doubled in the quarter, largely due to increased server shipments to the US cabled Comcast.