Virgin says sorry for Midlands TV outage

Virgin Media has apologised for a multi-region outage of its cable TV service in the Midlands, which was caused by a "router failure".

Reports surfaced yesterday evening Virgin Media TV and Phone forum about the loss of TV services in multiple areas across the Midlands.

Responding on its official Twitter feed, the cable operator immediately apologised for the outages and promised that its engineers were dealing with the problem at "the highest priority".

A subsequent message posted at 8.50am today on Virgin Media's website said: "Customers in the Birmingham and Solihull areas may currently be experiencing a loss of their broadband Internet, digital TV, and telephone services. Our engineers are now investigating this issue. Virgin Media apologises for any inconvenience caused."

Following up later in the morning on Twitter, the company said: "TV services in the midlands region are now progressively coming back online; channels will reappear in groups. Apologies once again."

Virgin Media confirmed that the outage was caused by a "router failure" in the Birmingham area, but claimed that most subscribers should now have their TV service back.

DS forum members in the Birmingham and Solihull areas are indeed reporting that their TV services are beginning to come back online. However, some users are still encountering issues with accessing the on-demand platform.

Under Virgin Media's terms and conditions, customers are not entitled to compensation until their service has been out of operation for a full 48-hour period.