TV Genius launches 3-screen TV search

By Julian Clover
December 4, 2009 11.08 UK

TV Genius has unveiled a 3-screen TV search and recommendation engine for the web, mobile and TV. The company says its Content Discovery Platform (CDP) and Relevance Engine have been built from the ground up specifically to meet the needs of TV discovery, providing richer content aggregation and allowing viewers to discover programming from a variety of sources – including broadcast TV and catch-up/VOD on television or online.

“The number of TV channels keeps growing and with the emergence of online video on TV devices, it is important that service providers offer content discovery that is relevant and simple to use,” said Tom Weiss, CEO, TV Genius. “Viewers are not getting the most from multichannel services and sticking to familiar channels only. TV Genius’ Content Discovery Platform helps them find the relevant programming that will engage them for longer. Operators and content owners can therefore benefit from reduced churn and increased revenue through the monetization of VOD or premium content.”

The functionality is designed to allow viewers to explore content across a variety of platforms, reducing churn, and increasing ARPU by giving subscribers a reason to return to the service.