Dream Multimedia closed by the police This is not the good section to post this information please use http://www.satsupreme.com/forumdisplay.php?f=57
40 Custom Officers and Police Officers broke in Dream Multimedia's HQ offices in Lünen (Germany).
The warrant search was extended to private houses of CEOs and share holders (T*m Ziem*nn, K*y Ziem*nn, Jür*en Leu*ring, Di*k Gl*nz and the turkish Asl*n).
The break-in is apparently motivated to a Custom malicious wrong declaration of embedded modems on DreamBox's STB. At present private belongings of the owners of Dream Multimedia have been confiscated. Rumors say that Custom is claiming 6 years of importing DreamBox STB without paying import duties due to the embedded modem.
Presumably searches would be extended to all companies that have been importing DreamBox Set-Top-Boxes in the next coming months for duties claims in Germany and almost all EU countries as it is now proven that the non-working modem was installed for tax scams only.
Up to now all the stock is under Custom’s block and no goods will be officially released. It seems that border inspection on DreamBox Set-Top-Boxes and the well known clones of DreamBox will be strongly enlarged limiting the import of this items in the European territory.
Informers are reporting that this has to be considered the final Knock-Out to the most famous audiovisual company worldwide and that it all started from provider’s pressure on stopping Dream Multimedia from producing this STB becoming more and more popular for the ground breaking card-sharing phenomenon.