Howto: HD+ with oscam

Hi All,

Who wants to run HD + with CCcam OSCAM and for which the following guide is certainly helpful.

Step 1:
Completely normal over the Blue Panel "OSCAM" (install whatever version) and "CCcam 2.1.3".

Step 2:
The unpack in the Annex and the binary is copied to contain it under / usr / bin of your Dreambox, replacing the OSCAM that already exists there. Should there exist OSCAM e.g. hot oscam_0.99.4 then deletes her this, copied from the annex unzipped OSCAM there and renames it into oscam_0.99.4.

Then it sets the rights to 755, so that the binary is executable.

Step 3:
You unpack the and copied the configs to / var / tuxbox / config. Should there even be that, it deletes all files in this directory and copy the config files unpacked from the annex them.

Step 4 - probably the biggest hurdle:
Boxkey & RSA Key

Be entered in the file must oscam.server boxkey and the RSA Key. Except for the first and last byte is ausgext annexed the whole thing. I was, however, happened that posted in any known DVB Upload Center (?) Were the keys. Otherwise, you may help das gibts in 4Free Board also find instructions on how to extract the data itself.


I have far too many of them got answered &.
Help one another. Or search the sources mentioned.

Do you have RSA and boxkey, you wear them in the oscam.server.

Then you are finished with OSCAM.

Step 5:

Bears in the / etc / N CCcam.cfg following her line, type:

N: 34000 userpass 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 1

Then it starts OSCAM / CCcam new. Then HD + should run ...

A few hints:

- The attached binary is ONLY for mipsel-tuxbox. This means for the Dreambox 7025, 800 and 8000 Whether it is running in 7025, I do not know.

- Mgcamd not functioning as a client for an HD + card. mgcamd the CAID 1830 is unknown. Although there is a new mgcamd 1.34d that can handle the CAID 1830 - but this is only for the CoolStream.

- The attached binary is still in beta status ... therefore no guarantee that there still are not any bugs. On other platforms, including according to some reports also ppc, so E1 Dreamboxen, it do not run quite so round. When I run it on the DM 8000 is already the whole afternoon without error, without the freezer, and without "not ok", which had all the previous versions.

The attached binary equivalent SVN 680 with an update on Define. This is for those who follow the stream in the whole board.

Where once ...