IPTV= drives pay-TV growth in Portugal

The total number of pay-TV subscribers in Portugal had exceeded 2.4mn by the end of the third quarter of this year, up 72,000 from the end of the previous quarter and 232,000 more than one year previously, according to the latest market report from the country's telecom regulator Anacom.

The main= drivers of this growth are named as alternative access technologies such as IPTV in first place, and DTH in second place. Cable TV services accounted for a little less than 60% of the Portuguese pay-TV market by the end of September, down 1.8% from the previous quarter, while other access technologies such as IPTV increased their market share by 1.2% to reach around 15%. DTH grew its market share to around 26% of the total, while pay-TV services delivered over fibre-optic networks accounted for 0.5% of total subscribers.

Cable= operator Grupo ZON/TV Cabo remained the largest pay-TV operator by the end of September with a 66.6% market share, down 1.8% from three months previously, while Portugal Telecom came in second place with a 20.7% share of total pay-TV subscribers, up 2% from the previous quarter. The third largest pay-TV operator is named as Cabovisão with a 10.6% market share, with the remaining operators having significantly less - 1% for Ar Telecom,= 0.9% for Sonaecom and 0.1% for Vodafone Portugal=.