Croatia's T-Hrvatski Telekom seeks to safeguard fibre investments

Croatian telco T-Hrvatski Telekom (T-HT) is in talks with the country's telecom regulator to safeguard its investment in Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH) networks, even as it continues to roll out the network, according to reports in news website Total Telecom.

The key issues within the talks are local loop unbundling and the relationship between T-HT and its competitors, according to the report, quoting Ivica Mudrinic, CEO of T-Hrvatski Telekom. "We need a clear business case and a clear rate of return," said Mr. Mudrinic, who added that, at present, "it's not reasonable enough."

The telco's chief executive also stated that IPTV in particular has "given the fixed-line relevance… and has kept the fixed-line business quite stable. The fixed-line business is quite a sound business in Croatia." T-Hrvatski Telekom is believed to retain a fixed-line market share of 85% to 90%.

T-Hrvatski Telekom (a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom) reported last month that it now has nearly 190,000 subscribers for its IPTV service 'MAXtv', up from 170,591 customers at the end of June, and claims this now makes it the largest pay-TV operator on the Croatian market.