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Thread: keys vs card? (basic newbie question)

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    keys vs card? (basic newbie question)


    I've set up my DM500s for FTA with PLi Jade3 and I've been reading through the tutorials but a basic outline of what's what seems to be missing. All I want to do is use a TNTsat card to receive the French TNT channels on 19.2ºE. Here's an outline of what I think I've understood:

    • Keyfiles are for decoding encrypted channels without a card.
    • Cardsharing is for decrypting channels using a card that's in a different receiver over a network (for channels that haven't been hacked with keyfiles).
    • If I have a valid card I don't need to bother with keyfiles or cardsharing, just set up a softcam put the card in and go?.

    I'd really appreciate it if someone could confirm whether or not I've got these basic items correct.

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    Re: keys vs card? (basic newbie question)


    You're french, the question is on the french section with solution...
    Just search "tntsat" here


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